About Mushroom Consulting LLC

Dr. John Holliday, our Senior Consultant, is one of the world’s most experienced cultivators of exotic mushrooms, including Morels and Cordyceps. As the founder of Aloha Medicinals Inc, the world’s largest cultivator of medicinal mushrooms, Dr. John has grown more than 30 million pounds of the rare medicinal mushroom Cordyceps Sinensis.

Dr. John first started growing mushrooms in 1976. In the 42 years since then, Dr. John has owned and operated a number of successful mushroom farms, generating almost a hundred million dollars in revenue.

Dr. John has designed, built, and/or consulted on well over 100 exotic mushroom farms in more than 30 countries. His farms are well known to be the highest-yielding farms in the world, with average biological efficiencies (BE) of over 100% for every species grown.

Dr. John is also the developer and pioneer of the paradigm-shifting cold-sterilization method, allowing farms to build high-yielding mushroom farms cheaply – without any need for steam or autoclaves. This dramatically reduces the capital investment for building and dramatically lowers the cost for mushroom cultivation.

If you want to see how Dr. John or one of our other consultants can help you build a higher-yielding and more profitable mushroom business, click on the case study button below.

Dr John Holliday