21st Century Mushroom Cultivation Methods

Written by Dr. John Holliday on Oct. 17th 2015

Looking back on mushroom cultivation reminds me of early medicine: We had formulas like Wing of a Bat, Urine of a Virgin and a Loaf of Moldy Green Bread. The funny thing is, this formula worked! The reason why is because the green mold that grows on Bread is the source of Penicillin. In fact, while penicillin was discovered in 1928, throughout the 1930, this is how penicillin was produced!

What is BE and WHY is it the MOST IMPORTANT thing you need to know?

Written by John Holliday on Oct. 17th 2015

Biological Efficiency, or BE, is THE MOST IMPORTANT THING you need to understand to assess how your mushroom farm is doing, for without following this simple metric, you have no way to know how your production process is going. Once you understand the concept of BE, you can and will use it to track everything on your farm. BE is the ratio of the dry weight of substrate to the harvest of fresh mushrooms.

What is cold sterilization and why is it the way of the future for mushroom farmers?

Written by Dr. John Holliday on April 5, 2018

Cold Sterilization is the big breakthrough the mushroom industry has been waiting for. In fact, it is the paradigm shift that mushroom farmers have been dreaming of for years! It is changing the whole concept of growing mushrooms, and cold sterilization is raising profits to levels unheard of even just a few years ago. So what exactly is this revolutionary breakthrough called Cold Sterilization?