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Jar Filters – Fits standard 70 mm size (regular mouth) jars. These are guaranteed to be the very best jar filters for cultivation on the market. We have these custom manufactured for us and they are available nowhere else. They are made from food-grade Cellulose infused with  Diatomaceous Earth and filter down to 0.2-micron size, true HEPA quality. These are Autoclavable more than 100 times with no degrading of filtration. They are also far cheaper than the other inferior filters on the market. We have been using exclusively these filters at Aloha Medicinals for more than 20 years. originally developed by Dr. Benjamin Stoller, these are simply the very best filters on the market for mushroom cultivators.

Also available by special order in wide mouth size – 90 mm and gallon jar size – 110 mm. Email for a quotation The other mushroom cultivation suppliers are selling PTFE filters, which are manufactured by Pall Life Science, and from the manufacturers, literature are intended for only a single autoclave cycle. The pore size opens up each time they are autoclaved. you may have noticed how the contamination rate goes up every time they are reused, and the substrate in the jars dries out. This is not ever a problem with our filters. And those inferior filters are more than twice the price. To increase your quality, your yield, and your profits, use these filters from Mushroom Consulting. We also supply lids punched with the proper size hole for your species, and quantity lots of jars. Email your requirements for a quotation.

Custom Built Work Stands

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